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About Us

SPI Security was originally formed, as The Human Resource Limited in March 2003 to provide specialist ‘Surveillance, Protection and Investigation’ services which were not covered by an associate company. The Company became known as ‘SPI’ and soon acquired the reputation of being able to respond to clients’ security requirements; quickly and effectively with the minimum of fuss.

SPI has been successful since its inception. The Company’s first assignment was to assemble a team of 14 security specialists, in just 24 hours, all ex. Special Forces, to provide round the clock protection for the family of a foreign businessman whose lives and well being had been threatened. The team’s brief was to provide protection for the whole family at all times as well as identifying the people threatening the clients and then removing the threat. This was achieved through the provision of officers who were with the family at all times, vehicles with drivers trained in evasive tactics and a team to identify those making the threats. This proved to be an extremely successful contract and similar ones followed, providing security for business people and sports personalities; once even escorting a very valuable clock to Switzerland to be serviced.

Eventually some of the work that was required by clients of SPI overlapped the areas covered by our associate business and in October 2006 it was decided that it was no longer practical or economical to run the two businesses side by side. The businesses were merged at this time under the SPI banner and today, the Company’s business is approximately 50% permanent renewable contracts and 50% temporary contracts which may extend for several years.

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