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Certificated Bailiff Services

Our Bailiffs have over 25 years experience dealing with all types of commercial tenants from corner shops to large shopping malls, small industrial units to multi-national companies.

We always remember we are acting on the landlord's behalf and approach the tenant with tact and discretion. Our professional service protects not just our clients' business interests but also their reputation.

In most cases there is no cost to the landlord for our services.

Commercial Rent Recovery
(Warrant to Distrain)

From the receipt of a completed 'Warrant to Distrain' we will visit your tenant within 24 hours - and in many cases on the same day! Wherever possible we will obtain immediate payment - if this is not practicable, we will obtain a signed 'Walking Possession Agreement' from the tenant to protect your position.

This gives the landlord, through the bailiff, first call on the tenant's goods and also prevents any other bailiff or collection agency from removing the tenant's property.

As mentioned above in most cases there is no cost to the landlord for our services, the statutory levy fees and costs of the Distraint are added to the arrears and are payable by the tenant, as set out in the lease.

Lease Forfeiture/Commercial Repossession
(Authority to Forfeit)

In the current economic climate landlords maybe reluctant to forfeit the lease on a commercial property and would prefer to keep their tenants on board wherever possible.

However if rent, for instance, remains overdue and other methods of recovery have failed then a landlord may feel they have little option but to secure the possession of their premises.

Once a landlord has decided to re-possess a property then a swift and professional solution is required. With our experience we can provide the necessary expertise and personnel to effect the peaceable re-possession of commercial premises, whatever the size or location from a small shop to a large office block or industrial unit.

Following the receipt of a completed 'Authority to Forfeit' we will attend the premises within 24 hours. We attend outside the normal working hours of the business and take possession by changing locks, putting up notices and taking photographs of the contents of the premises.

If required, we will take a detailed inventory of all goods on site and can also provide security guards or implement other security measures to safeguard your assets.

For more information about our services please call us on 01283 616123 or email info@spi-security.co.uk


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