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What We Do

Search Dogs

We have a small team of highly trained search dogs that are used in the detection of explosives and firearms. These dogs would be typically used in high risk areas where individuals are at risk or locations that may be under threat from terrorists or crime. Dogs used in this specialist role are generally Spaniels and Labradors. Our K9 units specialise in the following areas:

• Explosives
• Firearms/Weapons
• Drugs
• Additional area

Passive Drugs Searches

Passive Drugs Search is all about using our dogs to calmy and thoroughly check through groups of people who maybe standing, sitting, moving or in one place for the possession of drugs, illegal substances or firearms/weapons. Often our teams are called into places where large groups maybe attendance such as concerts, sporting events or even marches.
Our specially trained dogs are attracted to the scent of these items, and the animal will attract the handler’s attention by sitting in front of the individual(s). From here our operatives, or your staff are then able to question the individual(s) further.
The dogs within this section are trained to uncover a range of narcotics as well as their derivatives ,in addition to firearms:

• Amphetamines
• Cannabis
• Cocaine
• Ecstasy
• Heroin

Pro-Active Drugs Searches

A Pro-Active Drugs Search works differently from a Passive Drugs Search as the dogs are trained to search a geographical area whether that is within a building or outside area.

Lead by a handler, the dogs are released from their harnesses and can then roam the area until any possible evidence is found, and their handler is alerted.

This type of search is ideal where a large area is to be covered including arenas, parks and business premises.

Our team would be happy to discuss your own individual requirements. Please call us on 01283 616123 or email info@spi-security.co.uk

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