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What We Do

Surveillance / Investigation

Surveillance and protection is all about observing and monitoring what’s happening around you.

Our teams have been asked to monitor people who may be affecting businesses as well as providing close protection to individuals who may be the potential victims of unwanted attention. Our service has been developed to ensure that each client brief is handled sympathetically and with professionalism.

Our recommendations may include close protection officers or cameras and devices to monitor the home or office. Our teams can be employed for short or long term assignments in the UK as well as offering support for foreign travel including secure transportation and pre-visit risk assessments.

On a commercial basis, our team of professionals covers a broad spectrum of services from covert surveillance through to forensic accounting investigations, gathering information and intelligence when a discrete partner is required within a business environment. Many of our projects have helped to reduce claims against clients and limit damage to their business and its reputation.

For more information please call our team on 01283 616123 or email us on info@spi-security.co.uk.

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